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The Will To Love

I have been thinking a lot about love recently. Why it is that we don't love better, deeper, longer, wider. Why we can't love our enemies. Why the world is stuck in the cycle of violence rather than a cycle of love. How to unlock the heart? Everyday the evening news brings reports of  Read More 
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The Ten Things I Love Most About The Magic of Aging

Since my own retirement from the practice of psychotherapy some twelve years ago, I have been teaching a course on the psychology and spirituality of aging, I have presented this material in retreat centers, churches, book signings, men's gatherings, blogs, articles and books, and, especially fun, in endless conversations with good friends. In my  Read More 
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A New Experience

I've been busy teaching this webinar called "The Magic of Aging" at It's taken up a lot of time but what a cool experience. In the beginning, I felt like the Wizard of Oz - pushing buttons, pulling levers, and talking to an audience I could not see. Quite a challenge.  Read More 
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What Aging Men Want - Contest and Review

A GoodReads giveaway of my book What Aging Men Want can be found at:
You can also read a recent review at
If you havn't looked at my webinar The Magic of Aging, check out
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