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The Shift Toward Enlightened Consciousness

There is a shift that happens as we get older. I believe it is natural to the experience of aging. It happens when awareness becomes more important than its content, when consciousness is preferable to concepts, when mindful alertness opens the senses to the amazing grace of living without words. All our lives we  Read More 
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Divine Birth in the Aging Manger

As we release the past, cease performing old roles and duties, and make space for new possibilities, something begins to happen inside - a new birth of consciousness. Buried beneath the tarmac of decades of performing, this new consciousness may be your divine birth, the birth of a new way of being in the  Read More 
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It All Comes Back to Silence

The World of Man is made up entirely of thought - thoughts that tell you what things are, how things work, what everyone should believe, and what's wrong with you. The latter category of thoughts - what's wrong with you - are the most damaging and controlling. All through childhood we learn the standards  Read More 
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Where I'm Coming From

I concluded my recent webinar by sharing my interfaith ordination sermon. I was amazed at how reading it aloud still affects me. This short piece speaks of where this path has taken me. I share it with you to put my work into perspective.

The poet William Stafford says: (The Way It Is by  Read More 
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