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The Second Revelation: Freedom

As the consensual beliefs, rules and goals constituting the World of Man dissolve in awakened consciousness, a second startling revelation arrives: I no longer care what other people think of me - I am free. Nor do I care what others believe about the nature, rules or goals of the world. Now the divinity  Read More 
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For some time, I have experienced a feeling of an impending revelation, a far-reaching epiphany about the ultimate nature of human life in the world. I scan the bookshelves of my study, surveying titles across religions, mysticism, science and history sensing something ultimate trying to break through. Then it comes in the following words  Read More 
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Take Your Time

In the experience of real aging, we journey into an entirely new world, nothing like we have known before. Of course, we can keep doing all the things we did before and pretend we're not really changing, but just look at a recent photo, listen to your feelings, or count your growing list of  Read More 
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The Challenge of Caregiving

I recently read an essay on caregiving written by my old friend Chuck, 72, who has been taking care of his wife for the last three years. Following her withdrawal from long-term analgesic treatment of severe back pain, his wife abruptly deteriorated into what sounds like a major depression and has been largely disabled and  Read More 
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The Art Project of Aging

Do you remember that art project we did in elementary school…the one where you crayoned bright colors on a blank sheet of paper and covered them completely with a black crayon? The magic happened when you used a paper clip to scratch the black surface revealing lines of amazing colors. Today, in spiritual  Read More 
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The Emotional Work of Enlightenment in Aging

While mystical experiences (direct, first-hand experiences of the divine) can happen to anyone at any time, the progressive movement into mystical consciousness requires both psychological and spiritual work. Because emotional wounds distract and disrupt our spiritual growth, we need to understand and heal them. Specifically, we need to address both our current and our  Read More 
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Aging in the NOW

One of the greatest gifts of aging is the opportunity to live in the NOW. But it's more than that. It's living in a NOW consciousness liberated from the prison thought.

For most of our middle years, we scurry like mice in a maze, trapped in a conceptually-created labyrinth of identity, time, story, goals,  Read More 
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The Wonder of Grandchildren

Just got back from two weeks with the grandkids - so much fun! For me, grandchildren are balm that treats all miseries. Why?
• They live in the present and will only meet you there, so they get you out of your head, your thoughts, your aches and pains, and your upsets.
• They make you  Read More 
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