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Emotional Pain and Our Work as Elders

Finding Our Soul Work as Elders

One key to finding our passion in life, and particularly as an elder, is not to generate grandiose visions or heroic plans to save the world. The key is found in appreciating wounds that broke us open, the ones exposing our deepest needs for love and connection. No  Read More 
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The Third Revelation

The third revelation, the one that further changes everything, is this: I don't exist. Neither do you. We are invented fictions. Even these words are fictions. Transcend thought and the whole problem of "you" disappears.

While philosophers have long argued about whether we truly exist as we believe we do (e.g., how do  Read More 
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The Fullness of Dying

While reading Nancy Schluntz's lovely manuscript on spiritual communication with animals - I'd been asked to provide an endorsement, this amazing paragraph simply leapt off the page before me. Speaking about her cat, Nancy said, "Tyson was dying. He’d made the how of his crossing clear—he wanted to do it his way,  Read More 
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Why Spirituality?

Reading about the evolution of best-sellers over the past three decades in USA today, I learned that the spirituality and self-help genres have been replaced by youth fiction (think Harry Potter), creatures (vampires and zombies) and erotica (50 Shades) in the modern era. What is that about?

While interest in spirituality may wax and wane  Read More 
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A Conceptual Model of Aging (Or Why Spirituality Matters as We Grow Old)

I recently dreamed that I was back in college at a party. We were all leaving school the next day as if the term were over or perhaps it was time to graduate. I was talking to a girl who seemed interested in me, but I was ambivalent and she eventually disappeared. On awaking,  Read More 
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