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Enter the World

Most of us live in the world but rarely see where we really are. I mean it's crazy. We rush around, notice this and that, race on to the next perception, and NEVER STOP until we crash late at night. Even then we can't turn off our minds and struggle with insomnia.

In recent  Read More 
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Transformation, Divinization, Transfiguration…What's Going On?

In the mystical realm, it's all one thing. It's all the same thing. It happens to me as I experience the energy and consciousness of divinity. The experience of the omnipresent divine Presence triggers joy within - my soul reconnecting with God, and this connection soon stirs, ignites and releases Divine Consciousness inside me,  Read More 
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Learning From Direct Mystical Consciousness

In graduate school, I was particularly amazed by Jean Piaget, the French psychologist, who created an entire theory of child development simply by carefully watching his own children. Carl Jung, too, developed a profound depth psychology much of it from his own inner work. Later I was equally amazed at Buddha's insights about the  Read More 
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How Aging Is Changing Me

I was visiting with a friend recently, sharing our experience of personal and spiritual evolution in these aging years. I wanted to try to describe what was happening for me because it's so amazing. I'll try to share it with you, too.

I am finding myself drawn inward to an inner consciousness that feels  Read More 
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"Giving Back?"

Among my aging friends, and often in the media, I hear phrases like, "I want give something back to the world." The sentiment usually expands to wishing to help others in some way, often through activities like volunteer work or creating a charitable foundation. And for those who know what they want to do,  Read More 
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The Divine Wisdom of Aging

I woke up in an interesting dream. I was back in school. I had signed up for an astronomy course but got distracted, separating from my classmates who went ahead. An older woman in the school office gave me directions and I arrived just people were sitting down. The teacher, a wise and dignified  Read More 
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