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Why I Write

After seven books and a novel, after following a trail of mystical footprints for twenty-five years, I have come to an understanding of aging that is unique, revolutionary and real. From direct experience I have learned that aging opens a passage from human to divine in this lifetime. Handled skillfully, it can take us  Read More 
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Ambition versus Transcendence: The Challenge of Aging

After submitting a presenter's application form for a spirituality and aging conference, and sending my novel manuscript off for reader review, I dreamed I was stuck in total gridlock traffic at an intersection; every time the light changed and I tried to turn right across multiple lanes of traffic, I would be stuck. Later  Read More 
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Mindfulness, Transformation and Incarnation

The practice of Mindfulness reveals our thought patterns and their consequences, and it can awaken and sharpen our consciousness, but did you know that it is also the threshold of the human-divine transformation? In pure consciousness I am the divine being and the world is me. And that leads to an important realization about  Read More 
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Looking Back: Aging is a Transformation of Self and Consciousness

As I look back on this evolving blog, I see how much it has become about the Second Secret in The Three Secrets of Aging: "Aging is a Transformation of Self and Consciousness." The reason for this focus is twofold: 1) this process needs to be described for any who wish to explore it, and 2)  Read More 
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Experienced Silence is the Laboratory of Divine Transformation

Silence has long been understood to be the entrance into divine consciousness. When we intentionally experience the fathomless mystery of consciousness behind thought, we discover that it is alive, aware, and transforming. Experiencing this divine consciousness invites it into our body, into our interior, where it bathes every cell with conscious being. This is  Read More 
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Happiness, love and freedom for everything to be the way it is (rather than the way we think it is) - that's what we come to as we arrive in this final stage of spiritual growth, because it's all God and we are God too, and all is one. As long as you think  Read More 
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