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The Key to Becoming a Divine Human

How do we become Divine Humans and live in a divine world? The answer is so simple: learn to dwell in a consciousness without thought. In this heightened state of pure awareness, the self-idea simply disappears. Identities go away, stories and problems disappear, and the world grows ever more luminous, beautiful and holy.

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Video Lectures on The Three Secrets of Aging

Follow this link to hear my recent lectures on the Three Secrets of Aging ( There are three lectures on the site presented in reverse order (be sure to click on videos at the bottom and then "more" for first lecture). Enjoy!
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Conscious Elders Network Gathering Workshop!

Conscious elders often yearn to "give back to community," and for many this call inspires a search for meaningful and often sacred service opportunities. While experimentation is helpful to discover what where we fit best, conscious elders can also benefit from exploring five Discernment Factors:
• The True Self
• The Ego-Soul Relationship
• The Introversion-Extroversion Continuum
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