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Help Me Spread the Message

Dear Friends:
I need your help.
I've met many of you at conscious aging conferences and workshops in recent years where we've shared deep talks and powerful wisdom. I thank you for your friendship and for considering this request. I know the rest of you from years of wonderfully  Read More 
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My Dream

My dream is to change the world with a new integrative understanding of psychology, religion, spirituality and mysticism. We are not who or what we think we are! I've been following a vision of a Divine Human in a Divine World since childhood. You may have also. Discover what it means for human life  Read More 
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The Key to Becoming a Divine Human

How do we become Divine Humans and live in a divine world? The answer is so simple: learn to dwell in a consciousness without thought. In this heightened state of pure awareness, the self-idea simply disappears. Identities go away, stories and problems disappear, and the world grows ever more luminous, beautiful and holy.

Ironically,  Read More 
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Video Lectures on The Three Secrets of Aging

Follow this link to hear my recent lectures on the Three Secrets of Aging ( There are three lectures on the site presented in reverse order (be sure to click on videos at the bottom and then "more" for first lecture). Enjoy!
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Conscious Elders Network Gathering Workshop!

Conscious elders often yearn to "give back to community," and for many this call inspires a search for meaningful and often sacred service opportunities. While experimentation is helpful to discover what where we fit best, conscious elders can also benefit from exploring five Discernment Factors:
• The True Self
• The Ego-Soul Relationship
• The Introversion-Extroversion Continuum
•  Read More 
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The Awakened Consciousness

What happens when we experience the world directly, without the conceptual overlay of thoughts, names, interpretations, explanations, intentions, beliefs, values, clocks, purposes and goals - yours and others? What happens when there is no map, no place to go, no one to be, and nothing to fix or accomplish? What happens when things are  Read More 
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The Spiritual Practice of Aging

In the spiritual practice of aging, we are gradually and steadily transformed into love. It is a long slow process of melting the False Self - the idea of me - into a fathomless inner sea of divine love, like sliding into the bubbling waters of a hot tub, like a candle melting in  Read More 
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Aging's Ultimate Gift

My lifelong call, and one that's taken me decades to understand and appreciate, is simply to dissolve in the intense, immense, sentient reality of now and know that I am that, a step that is nothing short of being bathed in divine love and living from its radiant conscious oneness. I sense it. I  Read More 
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Transcending Even Good Intentions

Perhaps the most surprising realization in the exploration of consciousness is this: Any goal-oriented belief or activity constitutes an operation of the False Self no matter how elevated or altruistic it may feel or appear. Why? To have an intention or plan maintains the separate world of thought that creates the problem in the  Read More 
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Dissolving Duality

Learning to stay focused in a consciousness without thought dissolves the mind's dualism - the labyrinth of thought that creates a second world of identity, time and story. It also opens our experience of divine being, for in feeling the being of our being, we merge with Divinity. (As Eckhart said, "God is the  Read More 
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