Conscious Aging with John Robinson, Ph.D.

Who Is God?

May 20, 2018

Tags: The Divine Human

In my soul, God not only gives birth to me as His son, He gives birth to me as Himself, and Himself as me…Our truest I is God.
Meister Eckhart

I am the fiery life of the essence of God.
Hildegard of Bingen

Whoever drinks from my mouth will become like me; I (more…)

Releasing the Power of Love in Aging

March 7, 2018

Tags: Mystical Activism

Releasing the Power of Love in Aging
Divine consciousness is a two-edged sword. It releases me to melt into God but it also deconstructs the familiar self - the fiction of identity, time and story that drove the lifelong project of "me." As we age, the self-idea becomes an albatross, an anchor, a strait-jacket, (more…)

Love and The Divine Human

March 7, 2018

Tags: Mystical Activism

The Divine Human
In experiencing our mystical essence, we soon discover the subtle energies of divine rising inside in tendrils of love that spread through the body. We melt the separate mental self-construction into the thought-free divine Ground of Being that we lost touch with when we created a separate identity. From this reunion, (more…)

The Spiritual Tower of Babel

February 21, 2018

Tags: Mystical Activism

Charismatic megachurch preachers, spirituality pop stars, the latest neuroscience proclamations, and the multiplicity of religious theologies…with so many competing versions of "truth" the world creates another Tower of Babel, ignoring the mystics who speak only one language - the language of direct experience. And their message is this: Return to center of consciousness (more…)

In the Silence of a Sunday...

February 4, 2018

Tags: Conscious Aging

In the silence of a Sunday I hear the ticking of the aging clock - time slowly passing, the clock itself deteriorating, the whole experience becoming a peaceful river carrying me to the end, and the beginning. In its gentle flow, I have no agenda and no desires. I come to rest in a sea of Divine Consciousness ignoring (more…)

Transcending the Goal-Oriented Approach to Spirituality

January 23, 2018

Tags: Mystical Awakening

Approaching the end of the spiritual journey, we discover that all our spiritual beliefs have become futile distractions. We can't figure God out or reach divinity with more thinking. Books, philosophies, experts, disciplines and theologies cannot hold the living divine universe. Stop searching, rest in thought-free consciousness, pay attention, and all will be revealed, (more…)

The Two-Way Mirror Analogy of Aging

January 22, 2018

Tags: Mystical Awakening in Aging

The Two-Way Mirror Analogy of Aging

The Two-Way Mirror was part of my early clinical psychology training in graduate school. Therapy rooms in our training clinic had been constructed with see-through mirrors. You've probably seen similar arrangements on television crime shows where those behind a mirror watch a suspect's interview. What you see through (more…)

A Dream for Jeremy Taylor

January 16, 2018

Tags: In Memoriam

I remember Jeremy Taylor from talks and classes I attended at The University of Creation Spirituality and The Chaplaincy Institute, an Interfaith Seminary in Berkeley. I also had the great privilege of interviewing him for the Creation Spirituality Elder InnerView Series last year (now posted at I always sensed (more…)


January 8, 2018

Tags: Grandparents, Grandchildren, Play

Playing with seven grandchildren, I join the timeless game of unselfconscious play, our beings dancing together in the eternal unity of joy, spontaneity and silliness that create magic. Is this not what we are here to do now, to mirror the magic of childhood so it does not leave them as quickly as it (more…)

Caring for the World in the Flow of Soul

December 5, 2017

Tags: Sacred Activism, Mystical Consciousness

Here is a simple exercise in individual sacred activism. It only takes a few minutes. It will change you and your world.
• Find a quiet space unlikely to be interrupted
• Have no expectations, plans or goals
• Stop thinking, heighten awareness, and move into pure sensory awareness; stay
• Do nothing; be patient and quiet; simply (more…)

Selected Works

Mystical Aging
With our unprecedented longevity, aging has become a new developmental stage in the human life cycle. Conscious sacred aging now offers humanity the profound opportunity of realizing we are already divine beings in a divine world.
Spiritual Fiction
"Hold on to you seatbelts! A gripping story of the stages of the soul in later life." Harry R. Moody, Ph.D., Editor, Human Values in Aging Newsletter, retired Vice President and Director of Academic Affairs for AARP in Washington, DC. and author of The Five Stages of the Soul.
Aging Men, Mythology, Spirituality
Brilliant. Struggling to retire at age 78, I eagerly read this in search for a road map through my own disorientation and depression. The ideas in this book are illuminating, provocative and challenging. I know I will read it again and again.
Memoir, Mind-Body-Spirit
The Three Secrets of Aging invites us to uncover, discover, and recover our optimum Selves." Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Author: The Second Half of Life.
Elder Fairy Tales
"A guide to finding hidden wisdom in classic tales … a rich feast." Jonathan Young, PhD, Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives
Nonfiction, Mind-Body-Spirit
"The radical but universal teaching that the sacred marriage of heaven and earth is possible." Matthew Fox, author of 28 books on Creation Spirituality
Non-fiction, Body-Mind-Spirit
“A work of tremendous spiritual vision, courage and insight, Ordinary Enlightenment makes God as real and tangible as the morning sunlight.” John Gray, Author: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Psychology/Spirituality/Men's Issues
"Dr. Robinson has written a book from his heart...More than a book, it is a story, a meditation, a celebration and a map of the potential transformation of men..." Robert Johnson, Author He, She, We
"I wish you the very best of luck in bringing out your work...Its value is evident to me and you deserve a large and grateful audience for it." Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., Author Heading Toward Omega

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