Conscious Aging with John Robinson, Ph.D.

The Awakened Consciousness

July 7, 2016

Tags: Mysticism, Aging, Transformation

What happens when we experience the world directly, without the conceptual overlay of thoughts, names, interpretations, explanations, intentions, beliefs, values, clocks, purposes and goals - yours and others? What happens when there is no map, no place to go, no one to be, and nothing to fix or accomplish? What happens when things are (more…)

The Spiritual Practice of Aging

July 6, 2016

Tags: Mysticism, Aging, Transformation

In the spiritual practice of aging, we are gradually and steadily transformed into love. It is a long slow process of melting the False Self - the idea of me - into a fathomless inner sea of divine love, like sliding into the bubbling waters of a hot tub, like a candle melting in (more…)

Aging's Ultimate Gift

June 19, 2016

Tags: Love, Aging, Saging, the Final Tranformation

My lifelong call, and one that's taken me decades to understand and appreciate, is simply to dissolve in the intense, immense, sentient reality of now and know that I am that, a step that is nothing short of being bathed in divine love and living from its radiant conscious oneness. I sense it. I (more…)

Transcending Even Good Intentions

June 18, 2016

Tags: Sacred Activism

Perhaps the most surprising realization in the exploration of consciousness is this: Any goal-oriented belief or activity constitutes an operation of the False Self no matter how elevated or altruistic it may feel or appear. Why? To have an intention or plan maintains the separate world of thought that creates the problem in the (more…)

Dissolving Duality

June 16, 2016

Tags: Keys to Awakening

Learning to stay focused in a consciousness without thought dissolves the mind's dualism - the labyrinth of thought that creates a second world of identity, time and story. It also opens our experience of divine being, for in feeling the being of our being, we merge with Divinity. (As Eckhart said, "God is the (more…)

It All Begins in a Consciousness Without Thought

June 15, 2016

Tags: Awakening the Divine Human

Whatever questions or concerns have been bothering, troubling or upsetting me disappear in consciousness without thought. Everything changes. The questions go away, the worries vanish, and a totally different world appears. Leaving the world of mind for the sensory world of pure awareness dissolves the self idea and its related goals, fears, purposes, and (more…)

The Simplicity of Transformation

June 7, 2016

Tags: Becoming Divine, Merging Consciousness and Being

When we cease thinking and focus solely on consciousness, identity dissolves, boundaries disappear, and what's left is Divine Consciousness. There is only one consciousness though we separate ourselves from it with partitions of thought creating the illusion of separation or mortality. To be conscious of consciousness itself, therefore, is to experience God directly. But (more…)

Love at 70

June 5, 2016

Tags: Aging, Love and Waking Up

Sharing a little speech I gave recently at my 70th birthday party:

Thank you all for being here. You are my really good friends and I am so grateful for your presence in my life. Your being here with me today makes me really happy. My kids, grandkids and extended family already sent wonderful (more…)

Love and Death

May 21, 2016

Tags: Death, Love, and Mystical Consciousness

I've become ever more fascinated with death, not in a morbid way, but as the ultimate expression of a pattern we live over and over - of ego, change, loss, surrender, release and rebirth. Joining Conscious Aging, Conscious Dying, a working group in Conscious Elders Network, has inspired me dig ever deeper into this (more…)

Reaching Out to the World

May 20, 2016

Tags: Aging, consciousness, love

On a whim, I uploaded my work onto Facebook, Linked In, Pinterest, and Twitter. It feels like I'm sending mystical trial balloons into the vast internet world, calling forth kindred souls that we might echo each other's beautiful and universal voices of love and peace and divine being. My new book, The Divine Human, (more…)

Selected Works

Spiritual Fiction
"Hold on to you seatbelts! A gripping story of the stages of the soul in later life." Harry R. Moody, Ph.D., Editor, Human Values in Aging Newsletter, retired Vice President and Director of Academic Affairs for AARP in Washington, DC. and author of The Five Stages of the Soul.
Aging Men, Mythology, Spirituality
Brilliant. Struggling to retire at age 78, I eagerly read this in search for a road map through my own disorientation and depression. The ideas in this book are illuminating, provocative and challenging. I know I will read it again and again.
Memoir, Mind-Body-Spirit
The Three Secrets of Aging invites us to uncover, discover, and recover our optimum Selves." Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Author: The Second Half of Life.
Elder Fairy Tales
"A guide to finding hidden wisdom in classic tales a rich feast." Jonathan Young, PhD, Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives
Nonfiction, Mind-Body-Spirit
"The radical but universal teaching that the sacred marriage of heaven and earth is possible." Matthew Fox, author of 28 books on Creation Spirituality
Non-fiction, Body-Mind-Spirit
A work of tremendous spiritual vision, courage and insight, Ordinary Enlightenment makes God as real and tangible as the morning sunlight. John Gray, Author: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Psychology/Spirituality/Men's Issues
"Dr. Robinson has written a book from his heart...More than a book, it is a story, a meditation, a celebration and a map of the potential transformation of men..." Robert Johnson, Author He, She, We
"I wish you the very best of luck in bringing out your work...Its value is evident to me and you deserve a large and grateful audience for it." Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., Author Heading Toward Omega

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