Boomer Aging with John Robinson, Ph.D.

The Divine Self and the Four Births of Human Life

February 10, 2014

Tags: Spirituality, Aging, Enlightenment

We are born four times in the universal experience of being human.

The first birth is physical. Not always so easy but we survive only because we are loved and cared for in greater or lessor degrees. You can't do it alone.

Our second birth arrives with the experience of our conscious self around (more…)

The Design of Your Life

January 22, 2014

Tags: Aging, Meaning, Life Review

Waking up one morning recently, I found myself wondering how I was reconstructing a new mosaic from all the bits and pieces of my life - all those scores of colored tiles representing each vibrant moment or turning point, and especially those unassimilated ones that I still don't know where to place, and hence (more…)

Welcome to the New You

January 14, 2014

Tags: Aging, Love, Becoming

We are not growing old, we are growing better, wiser, more compassionate and more wonderful. We are not fading away, we are blossoming into the radiant souls we have always been. We are not giving up, we are giving into the flow of the unfolding universe. We are being born anew.

Whatever you were (more…)

Happy Holidays with Gratitude

December 16, 2013

Tags: Thanks

As this year draws to a close, I express my gratitude to all of you who have taken the time to visit my site and read this blog. I don't know who you are but I appreciate your interest in this work.

I think I am seeing a path through the mists of time (more…)

The Rebellion of Dawdling Seniors?

December 14, 2013

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The Rebellion of Dawdling Seniors?

I recently read an opinion piece by Bill Hall in the News Tribune about dawdling seniors. Read it, it's funny, touching and intriguing. I pasted it below:

The silver-haired woman ahead of me in line at the grocery store was as skilled at dawdling as she was stunning for (more…)

What I Like Most About Being InterFaith

December 3, 2013

Tags: Interfaith, Mysticism, Renewal

What I Like Most About Being Interfaith
Rev. John C. Robinson, Ph.D., D.Min.

After closing my practice as a clinical psychologist following a health crisis, I felt an urgent need for new inspiration and direction for my life. Long drawn to mystical spirituality, I entered The University of Creation Spirituality created by (more…)

Some Ideas on Finding Your Dream - A Personal Quiz

December 2, 2013

Tags: Aging, Personal Growth

From a recent interview I did with Cathy Severson at RetirementLifeMatters came this list of ideas about finding your dream. See what you think.
The new aging has given us 15-20 more years of life. What shall we do with this extra time? The answer is to express the gifts hidden in our dream. (more…)

Emotional Pain and Our Work as Elders

November 30, 2013

Tags: Aging, Love, Growth

Finding Our Soul Work as Elders

One key to finding our passion in life, and particularly as an elder, is not to generate grandiose visions or heroic plans to save the world. The key is found in appreciating wounds that broke us open, the ones exposing our deepest needs for love and connection. No (more…)

The Third Revelation

November 11, 2013

Tags: Aging, No Self, Consciousness

The third revelation, the one that further changes everything, is this: I don't exist. Neither do you. We are invented fictions. Even these words are fictions. Transcend thought and the whole problem of "you" disappears.

While philosophers have long argued about whether we truly exist as we believe we do (e.g., how do (more…)

The Fullness of Dying

November 8, 2013

Tags: Death, Spiritual Realization

While reading Nancy Schluntz's lovely manuscript on spiritual communication with animals - I'd been asked to provide an endorsement, this amazing paragraph simply leapt off the page before me. Speaking about her cat, Nancy said, "Tyson was dying. He’d made the how of his crossing clear—he wanted to do it his way, (more…)

Selected Works

Aging Men, Mythology, Spirituality
Brilliant. Struggling to retire at age 78, I eagerly read this in search for a road map through my own disorientation and depression. The ideas in this book are illuminating, provocative and challenging. I know I will read it again and again.
Memoir, Mind-Body-Spirit
The Three Secrets of Aging invites us to uncover, discover, and recover our optimum Selves." Angeles Arrien, Ph.D., Author: The Second Half of Life.
Elder Fairy Tales
"A guide to finding hidden wisdom in classic tales … a rich feast." Jonathan Young, PhD, Founding Curator, Joseph Campbell Archives
Nonfiction, Mind-Body-Spirit
"The radical but universal teaching that the sacred marriage of heaven and earth is possible." Matthew Fox, author of 28 books on Creation Spirituality
Non-fiction, Body-Mind-Spirit
“A work of tremendous spiritual vision, courage and insight, Ordinary Enlightenment makes God as real and tangible as the morning sunlight.” John Gray, Author: Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus
Psychology/Spirituality/Men's Issues
"Dr. Robinson has written a book from his heart...More than a book, it is a story, a meditation, a celebration and a map of the potential transformation of men..." Robert Johnson, Author He, She, We
"I wish you the very best of luck in bringing out your work...Its value is evident to me and you deserve a large and grateful audience for it." Kenneth Ring, Ph.D., Author Heading Toward Omega

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