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The Gifts of Spiritual Transformation

As we master the spiritual tasks of aging, we receive new gifts on our journey to the Divine Human. The gifts born of mystical consciousness for the Elder are truly miraculous. They include the following experiences (From the Three Secrets of Aging). What do these experiences mean to you?

Silence of Mind
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The Tasks of Spiritual Transformation

Akin to the psychological tasks of aging are a set of spiritual tasks necessary to accelerate our spiritual growth and transformation in these final years, turning older people into enlightened elders. Take a moment to reflect on these tasks. What might they be asking of you? (from The Three Secrets of Aging).

Disbelieving Thought
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The Tasks of Aging

At this point in our journey together, let's go back and review the core tasks of aging, for this is the work that will transform you into an enlightened elder and bring you to the edge of the Divine Human. Reflect on these tasks. What do they mean to you? For further clarification, see  Read More 
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