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The Divine Human

Major religions prophesize the coming of a world savior and the spiritual awakening of humanity. What they did not anticipate in their prophecies is that the savior is you and me and that we are all called to become Divine Humans through the transformational nature of the New Aging.

Breakthrough - A Novel

When a middle-aged clinical psychologist begins working with a client describing bizarre mystical experiences, his own world changes radically, taking him on a breathtaking journey through divine consciousness into the revolutionary spirituality of aging.

What Aging Men Want

The Odyssey tells an epic tale about an aging warrior longing to come home to love. Although the war is over, it will take the aging Odysseus ten long years to find his way back to Ithaca, for every “obstacle” he confronts symbolically depicts a psychological challenge all men face on the journey home.

The Three Secrets of Aging

Part memoir, part discussion, part invitation to enlightenment, this book argues that our final stage of life offers an astounding evolutionary process: an initiation into an entirely new stage of life, a transformation of self and consciousness, and a revelation of a new and sacred world right here and now.

Bedtime Stories for Elders

As mythologists and depth psychologists know, fairy tales contain ancient wisdom about life -- wisdom that also applies to aging. Ten fascinating and powerful tales reveal the unseen psychological and spiritual dimensions of aging, providing a lens through which our own struggles will finally make sense.

Finding Heaven Here

While the idea of Heaven on Earth may seem farfetched, it lies all round us. The world’s spiritual literature bursts with mystics, scholars and everyday folks asserting that Heaven on Earth can be found right here. This book explores these claims and teaches you how to find it for yourself.

Ordinary Enlightenment

Presence refers to the immediate and tangible experience of God's consciousness - in the world and in our own being. This book is an invitation to experience that Presence directly.

Death of a Hero, Birth of the Soul

Midlife, a deeply important and often stressful phase of adult development, represents a major reorganization of a man's identity, personality, and value system. Constituting the breakthrough of powerful drives for self-realization and spirituality, its goal is the birth of the unfinished self and the radical restructuring of a man's life in its soulful vision.

But Where Is God? Psychotherapy and the Religious Search

Far more than most therapists realize, the process of psychotherapy embodies the universal search for meaning, wholeness, and transcendence inherent in the religious quest. Indeed, the great majority of therapy clients, sensing the importance of addressing the spiritual realm in their healing and growth, yearn to explore their religious, spiritual, or mystical experiences at some point in therapy. The great majority of therapists, however, have little or no training in discussing these matters.