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The Three Secrets of Aging

The first wave of 76 million "baby boomers" representing 28 percent of the American population began turning 65 in 2011 and they will live longer than any previous generation in history - at least 15 years longer than their parents! - creating an entirely new stage of human life. But what is this revolutionary longevity for? Just to get old and die?

The Three Secrets of Aging suggests instead that our final stage of life offers an astounding new evolutionary process: an initiation into an entirely new stage of life, a transformation of self and consciousness, and a revelation of a new - and sacred - world right where we are. Part memoir, part discussion, part invitation to enlightenment, this book outlines the profound spiritual possibilities of aging and a blueprint for the Enlightened Elder in the twenty-first century.

Praise for The Three Secrets of Aging:

"Dr. Robinson's book is a prime example of what I would call a 'translucent view' of the aging process...It allows us to make the very best of our declining years on the planet, but without attachment, or grasping, or making ourselves the objects of ridicule."
Arjuna Ardagh, Author The Translucent Revolution

“The Three Secrets of Aging inspires readers to approach aging in a positive, life-affirming acceleration of wisdom and consciousness expansion. Since all human beings are aging, this book is for everyone.
Jacquelyn Small, Author:
Transformers, the Artists of Self-Creation
Becoming A Practical Mystic

"The Three Secrets of Aging is both a moving memoir of the author's own initiation into elderhood, and a timely and practical guide for anyone wanting to reach life's winter season in a more conscious, whole, and fulfilling way. Rev. Robinson describes the three secrets of initiation, transformation, and revelation that produce enlightened elders who have the insight and wisdom necessary to guide the world toward a more sacred and spiritual reality. This book offers a powerful and inspiring blueprint for this profound path, and is a gift for all those who are responding to the call of awakening."
Jeremy Geffen, MD, FACP
Medical oncologist, Author: The Journey through Cancer: Healing and Transforming the Whole Person

Longevity is a popular topic, but there is no book on the topic like John C. Robinson's The Three Secrets of Aging. But these extra years of life present their own challenges and Robinson provides a guide that could lead to life fulfillment and transformation. This reader-friendly discussion does not ignore the negative consequences of aging but explains how they can be turned into spiritual gifts. Nor does it bypass the realities of living in a world filled with ecological and political crises. This roadmap to a long life points out that the quality of those extra years is even more important than the quantitative tabulations that is the focus of most people who are intent on life extension.
Stanley Krippner, Ph.D.
Co-author: Personal Mythology
Professor of Psychology, Saybrook University

John C. Robinson’s book, The Three Secrets of Aging, offers a revolutionary blueprint for growing old—one that turns the accepted negative connotation of the ‘dreaded’ aging process on its head. By mining his own deeply personal issues with aging, he has not only found wisdom, humor, and hope in this inevitable reality that faces each of us—if we’re lucky— but he has also unmasked aging for what it is—an opportunity for deep and profound spiritual transformation.
Gay Hendricks, Ph.D.
Author: The Big Leap and Five Wishes