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Death of a Hero, Birth of the Soul

Midlife, a deeply important and often stressful phase of adult development, represents a major reorganization of a man's identity, personality, and value system. Constituting the breakthrough of powerful drives for self-realization and spirituality, its goal is the birth of the unfinished self and the radical restructuring of a man's life in its soulful vision. While, the distress associated with midlife is real, valid, and unavoidable, life-transforming renewal awaits the man who accepts its hidden challenge. This book is for men faced with frustration and despair at midlife and for all those who love them.

Praise for Death of a Hero, Birth of the Soul

Robert Johnson: "Dr. Robinson has written a book from his heart. It's about what happens to men at midlife, what it really means to be a man, and how men can return to sacred ground in the second half of life...More than a book, it is a story, a meditation, a celebration and a map of the potential transformation of men..."

Wingspan: "Robinson's book may well be the single most important work to date about the work of the men's movement. I passionately urge every man and woman who has even the slightest interest in men's issues to treat him/herself to reading it."

Allan Chinen: "A powerful contribution to men's literature... Robinson offers a breathtaking vision of the depths and heights of the masculine, and a clear, practical account of the paths that lead men safely through this wild and forgotten land."

Robert Bly: "There's much in John Robinson's work helpful to men who find themselves wanting to live."

Aaron Kipnis: "A thoughtful, sensitive, soulful, and insightful look at men's lives that is full of wisdom about how to bring healing to them."

Bernie Siegel: "For any man willing to look in the most important direction inside himself, this book can be an excellent guide."

Dragonsmoke: "...an ample book, full of poems, personal anecdotes, and wise meditations...Death of a Hero adroitly charts the journey through the dangerous waters of "compulsive warriorhood" to a mystical return to the garden of the sacred."

M.E.N. Magazine: "...a book for the man at midlife who has felt the first shifts in the tectonic plates of his own psyche, who senses that something is seriously amiss, and who sees that he needs both help and information."

Library Journal: "Robinson deftly uses a mixture of myth, psychology, poetry, and personal anecdotes to illustrate (his) points...this title fills a gap in the area of male psychology. Recommended to all public and academic libraries."

John Lee: "A must read! This is a book that will help men move close to themselves, each other, and the people they love."