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The Fullness of Dying

While reading Nancy Schluntz's lovely manuscript on spiritual communication with animals - I'd been asked to provide an endorsement, this amazing paragraph simply leapt off the page before me. Speaking about her cat, Nancy said, "Tyson was dying. He’d made the how of his crossing clear—he wanted to do it his way,  Read More 
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For some time, I have experienced a feeling of an impending revelation, a far-reaching epiphany about the ultimate nature of human life in the world. I scan the bookshelves of my study, surveying titles across religions, mysticism, science and history sensing something ultimate trying to break through. Then it comes in the following words  Read More 
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It All Comes Back to Silence

The World of Man is made up entirely of thought - thoughts that tell you what things are, how things work, what everyone should believe, and what's wrong with you. The latter category of thoughts - what's wrong with you - are the most damaging and controlling. All through childhood we learn the standards  Read More 
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