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The Gifts of Conscious Aging

The inner work of aging creates a developmental transition that moves us from the materialistic concerns of the middle years to the awakened consciousness of the Elder in winter. In a gradual but a profound shift, we actually become different, as does our place in the world. For the enlightened Elder - the one who has done the inner work of aging - gifts blossom on the tree of life that have enormous value to self, family, community, and the world. In time, these gifts open the possibility of our stepping into the consciousness of the Divine Human. For more information, see The Three Secrets of Aging.

Increased Happiness in a Slower and More Relaxed Life
Confidence in the Ability to Survive Tragedy, Hardship and Loss
Greater Patience, Maturity and Wisdom
Less Concern About What Others’ Think
Freedom from Traditional Social Roles and Expectations
New or Revived Interests and Hobbies
Healing and Reorganization of Personality
Psychological and Spiritual Insights about the Meaning of Life
A Deeper Experience of Community
An Easier and Less Conflicted Death

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