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Sacred Activism

I recently had a profound unity experience of everything as a single love-filled whole, and I was part of it, in it, one with it. In that instant, I knew reality to be one living thing and I was part of that oneness. I saw that everything I touch touches the whole thing; moving my hands and fingers moves the whole because I am part of it. In sum, I affect the oneness of being not through the goal-oriented interventions but by how I am as part of this whole. I used to feel confused and powerless about how to help when so many suffer; now I feel like my very life is part of the solution - I serve from my being as a part of the whole spreading love the world wherever I go. I know now that my own gifts, however minimal by society's standards, are infinitely valuable, and that in unity, my love affects all, that all is love, and I am that.
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