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Dissolving Duality

Learning to stay focused in a consciousness without thought dissolves the mind's dualism - the labyrinth of thought that creates a second world of identity, time and story. It also opens our experience of divine being, for in feeling the being of our being, we merge with Divinity. (As Eckhart said, "God is the being of our being, wherever I go, there is God.") Then we are what God is - love, for love is the nature of the living divine universe. Our whole life is a coming into this state of conscious divine being. It has been our destination all along. Lost in the obsessive tangles of thought, we cannot find our way home. When thought ceases, Divinity shines everywhere. This consciousness is our greatest gift to the world; from this state of unity, we radiate love, peace and joy.

It is enough to be; people who don’t know the oneness with Being don't know what they miss. They think they'll find answers in thought, but words, ideas and beliefs only create more dualistic expressions of mind. We are constantly splitting off from the divine ground of being into thought; the answers will never be found there. Real transformational awakening always engages these deliberate shifts: stop thinking, heighten awareness, awaken a state of awe, experience the world exactly as it is, and become conscious of consciousness itself (for consciousness is itself God as the mystics have long taught). This is the choice we make every moment but don't notice it. We can live in the oneness of conscious divine being or in the divisive world of thought. Where do you want to live?
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