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A Space Beyond Self

There is a time when the edifice of self disappears in the silence and stillness of now. We find it sometimes in meditation, deep quiet, self-forgetting creativity or the profound peace of nature. We enter a space beyond identity, goals, purpose, time, ambition and expectations, beyond our emotional fear-contraction, beyond the illusion of a separate and flawed self. I feel drawn to this space now as I age, and I see how much the scaffolding of identity, beliefs and goals creates and maintains the very problems I seek to solve. When I am an identity pursuing goals, it means that now is not enough; it means that I have to do or be something else to be ok, creating more false self effort further separating me from the immediate and imminent divine, and causing me to believe I am not that, but I am.

In this space beyond self, I am free not only from the burdens of duty, performance and the expectations of others, I am free from the whole mental labyrinth of personality. In the silent, thought-free stillness, personality falls away, dissolving into the non-cognitive reality of conscious being. Such joy! I believe aging is about letting go of our self-constructing activity so that we can step into the timeless now and see the possibilities of a world beyond beliefs, identity and personality, a world that blossoms in love, wonder and gratitude. This space is the doorway of God from which the New Human arrives no longer bound by beliefs and social prescriptions. The resume is gone, the personality fades, the heart opens, joy swells, and light permeates the world.
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