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Who Is God?

Who Is God?
I believe we have the wrong understanding of God. For eons, humans have viewed God as a huge, external, and all-knowing human-like figure who rewards some, punishes others, and ignores many, and whose actions in the world often seem mysterious and inexplicable. This is the projection model of God: we humans created God in our own image! While this model makes psychological sense - we draw on what we know best, it assigns the responsibility for change onto an out-there fictional character. Never seriously examining our assumptions, we go on praying, hoping that "God" will someday hear us and do what we ask, or what He wants, or show us why things are the way they are, or something!
But what if God were love? We intuitively understand this truth because we repeat it so often and so naturally. And what if divine love were the very essence of our nature and all being, as the mystics have been saying for eons? If these propositions are true, then we are the problem for we fail to understand the simple fact that we are God, that is, we are the love we have been seeking. The self-generated problems in our world won't change by praying to an imagined other, but only by understanding - and experiencing! - our own divinity and then opening the flow of love that powers the whole universe. God is not who or what we think, it's what we are in the deepest ground of our own being.
What is being? Being is love incarnated, in motion, endlessly procreating, birthing itself anew every second. It's the nature of the cosmos and our own nature. Add human consciousness and we restore Creation to its original pristine state. Or more accurately, love allows us to see Creation in its original pristine state because that state is already here, happening all around us, and we are part of it. Creativity, beauty, humanity, life, divinity - it's all one thing as the mystics keep telling us! But it's not what we think, because human thought will never fully grasp this immense and miraculously awakening process. Our work as humans is not to fight over beliefs and resources but to join the "Great Work" of Creation unfolding in love.
We are love's unending creativity. Relax, release control, and let love flow unconditionally from your own joyous being. Then, whatever you do, in even the smallest ways, sanctifies your part of the world, and your individual love song blends in the chorus of Creation. We each have a part in divinizing perception and rediscovering Creation as the exquisitely enchanting mystery it already is. Let's be God and birth this always-new world together.

(Based on mystic testimonies and realizations in Death of a Hero, Birth of the Soul; Ordinary Enlightenment; Finding Heaven Here; The Three Secrets of Aging, and The Divine Human).
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