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The Cosmos is a Great Womb of Creation

The cosmos is a great womb of Creation. In it, vast germinating processes, states and events form, change, evolve, become, construct, deconstruct, fall away, are born again, and awaken, a continuously churning dynamism generating cosmic life, and we are all part of this cosmogenic consciousness. When we feel our own being in awakened consciousness, we experience this process firsthand: Creation happening constantly in us, full of energy, generativity and invention, streaming new and unpredictable energies, potentialities, formations and realities, conscious and alive, all part of the divine entelechy replete with intimacy, power and intention. Nothing stays the same for a single nanosecond; we are changed, reborn, reconstellated in every moment. We awaken in the great womb of Creation as the great being birthing itself: the One and its parts always one yet ever differentiating. This is the process of divine creation - beautiful, unfathomable, yet always available to a thought-free awakened awareness. In every molecule, moment and action, we belong to the unfolding divinity.

What is the ultimate intention of this infinitely creative process? To awaken divine consciousness in every being, place, thing and moment, inviting us into the dance of becoming God.
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