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Steps Toward the Divine Human

Recognizing our divine nature is a two-part process, involving both language and perceptual focus.
Let's start with the language part. What we call things is incredibly important. If we look out the window and call those green things trees, then we think we understand them and their place our world. But what if we called them God and took this seriously? How differently would we experience both the tree and God? By labeling and conceptualizing everything, we are constantly dismissing the divine.
Now about the focus. By removing all extraneous languaging about God, religion, self and identity, we can experience God directly as our own being and consciousness. Why? Because languaging creates duality by making a separate world of thought (what is and what we think it is). In mystical unity there is only one and that one is the divine. Experiencing our own divinity, therefore, asks us to silence thought, heighten perceptual awareness, and tune into the being of our being and the consciousness of our consciousness (recognizing of course that these two primary and non-dualistic experiential facts of existence, being and consciousness, are literally God with labels removed). Thus, by stilling thought and focusing on the direct perception of being and consciousness, we experience God directly. If you take this experience seriously, all sorts of realizations take shape. Try it. See where it leads you.
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