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Drifting in the Lightness of Being

Perhaps because my novel is finished, a novel that represents my own aging experience of settling into divinity and dissolving the artificial identity that had long ago removed me from unity, I feel a new kind of peace. Images from journaling this morning include drifting on a raft down a wide slow moving river watching life go by, or floating like a fluffy white cloud over the wide landscape moved by the high wind currents with no goal or destination in mind. I know that the river will one day come to the sea, and the cloud will one day release its form and disappear - symbols of the death's passage, but for now, I am comfortable drifting along "in the world but not of the world." It is a consciousness free of ambition, imposed purposes, and expectations, a consciousness that surrounds and fills me. In this easy oneness, I am the "I am." I work from time to time on the Divine Human manuscript as an expression of this wide-open awareness and then return to a world without boundaries, beliefs, or rules. Aging is filled with such gifts and surprises.
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