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The Wonder of Grandchildren

Just got back from two weeks with the grandkids - so much fun! For me, grandchildren are balm that treats all miseries. Why?
• They live in the present and will only meet you there, so they get you out of your head, your thoughts, your aches and pains, and your upsets.
• They make you young again. It's the magic of imagination that matters now and its still in you. Joining them in play is fresh air for the soul!
• They love you unconditionally and thrive on the love you bring them. It's all about love, which is your "work" now, opening the heart.
• You know you are making a difference in their lives just by being with them - a force of good for the little people you love most.
• They are so much fun! Leggos, railroad tracks, bugs, bedtime stories, counting buses at the local 31 Flavors. Pure joy.
• They become your new friends whose lives you will follow for years - through all the grades, sports, hobbies, proms, graduations, and events that make a life. What a privilege.
• They will never forget you. Long after you are gone, the stories about Gramma and Grampa will bring joy and laughter to them all.
• Each grandchild is absolutely unique and it is fascinating to watch each become who he or she is born to be. They are gifts of the universe unwrapping before your eyes!

Need I go on? I could. I cannot get enough of my grandchildren but I also know that our coming and going intensifies our bond. Coming up the front steps to be tackled by little ones each time is about as good as it gets.

One might ask, "So how is any of this spiritual?" My reply, it's all spiritual. When your mystic eyes open, you witness divinity everywhere - growing, changing, laughing, becoming. You are watching the divine morph in front of your eyes. Even aging reflects this magical transformation, like children playing with modeling clay, changing its shape, creating ever new forms only to "smush" it up and do it all over again. So it is that divinity plays with us. When ego and identity lose their importance, the magic shines everywhere, and children sparkle the most. If you are blessed with grandchildren, dive into their worlds. If not, make friends with the neighbor's kids - grandparents come in all shapes and sizes and everywhere the are, they serve.
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