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Divine Birth in the Aging Manger

As we release the past, cease performing old roles and duties, and make space for new possibilities, something begins to happen inside - a new birth of consciousness. Buried beneath the tarmac of decades of performing, this new consciousness may be your divine birth, the birth of a new way of being in the world. Aging can be the manger for this new "you" to come forth.

All our lives we adapted to what was expected - in family, school, jobs and relationships. Freed from these natural constraints, resting in the quietude of later life, this new growth begins. Can you feel it? Something completely new is happening in your psyche? Hold it as you would a new-born child; be loving, tender, centered, peaceful, quiet, aware, still. Feel its small movements within. This new growth won't happen if we continue laying down more performance tarmac. Let the tarmac go and cradle your emerging Self.

Now wait in this pregnant silence. Don't force or coerce this new way of being. Instead dwell in it. Imagine it. Feel it. Welcome it. Be patient. A new branch of conscious being is awakening within; a new kind of human being. The future has waited an eternity for this new person. Be still. Be gentle. Pay attention. This "you" is the birth of the new consciousness in the world. Meister Eckhart said, "In my soul, God not only gives birth to me as his son, He gives birth to me as Himself and Himself as me…My truest I is God." Stay in the manger. Be still. Wait.
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