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The Shift Toward Enlightened Consciousness

There is a shift that happens as we get older. I believe it is natural to the experience of aging. It happens when awareness becomes more important than its content, when consciousness is preferable to concepts, when mindful alertness opens the senses to the amazing grace of living without words. All our lives we have been slaves to concepts, trying to achieve what beliefs, standards and reasons dictate. It is the basis to the World of Man. In conscious aging, the structures of belief gradually disintegrate and, if we are cognizant, we dwell ever more in consciousness itself. No problem, no effort, no goals, no hurry, no pressure, no thought, no mind, no beliefs, no explanations, no judgments, no struggle, no theology, no identity, no body, no one to be, no achievements to pursue; instead freedom from each of these interlocking conceptual frames and their behavioral requirements.

The shift intensifies as we begin to sense consciousness as a living presence all around and through us, its timeless infinity pervading everything with its intelligence, and melding consciousness and being into joy. With no self to maintain, we melt into this conscious unity, and what could be better, certainly not more concepts leading back into duality. Then all we see, feel, know, and experience seems merely a temporary modification of this consciousness and disappears back into it, a play of light and love, a film we no longer have to star in.

Divinity's timeless sentience changes everything, even the idea of death disappears into its fathomless space. Why read anything? Why seek God somewhere else? Why create more problems to solve with more thought? Why leave this amazing consciousness for any reason? Aging can be a process of progressive enlightenment. No wonder certain elders seem so calm and clear, sages with no need to explain, defend or criticize, folks who have retired into the wonder of pure being.

So which do you choose - consciousness or the prison of thought? Whatever you believe will own you; it is just more thought. You are not that. You do not exist as you thought.

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