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Breakthrough - A Spiritual Novel for the Second Half of Life

For the past twenty years, I've been writing a novel about the spiritual life. I'd work on it, put it away when inspiration ran dry, and then inevitably return to it when the urging of new material came to me. You see, when I began, I was simply too young and spiritually immature to write this kind of story. I wouldn't have been able to take the protagonist much beyond midlife. Having lived another two a half decades, I see more clearly where the story must go.

Breakthrough (which I previously titled Walden Three - and I may still return to that title) portrays a clinical psychologist's unexpected and life-shattering adventures in consciousness. While I had previously presented this material in books, I wanted another way to illustrate the meaning and power of the mystic's journey and the accelerating spiritual evolution of our species. I also wanted to tell this own story to myself to understand it better. I have always felt as if I were preparing for this final stage of my life, as if everything I did, everything I learned, every book I wrote was part of this preparation for something huge that happens in aging. When I realized that we are now in an unprecedented era of human new longevity, I knew it was time to finish the novel, for the magic of aging had already begun.

As you will see, I have much in common with the protagonist so this story is "true" in substance though details have been creatively modified out of respect for other's privacy. Writing this tale has also been fun - it reminds me of the serial dramas from early radio and TV shows that we followed episode by episode, waiting with baited breath to find out what would happen next.

The novel takes place in three parts. I am still revising Parts II and III, but by the time you get there, they will be ready for you. I am as excited as I hope you are, because I want to know how it ends, too. Join me in a journey into the next dimension of human evolution.

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