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Take Your Time

In the experience of real aging, we journey into an entirely new world, nothing like we have known before. Of course, we can keep doing all the things we did before and pretend we're not really changing, but just look at a recent photo, listen to your feelings, or count your growing list of diagnoses and you'll discover how much you are changing - every year.

The land of aging is scary for most of us - all those unknowns plus that pesky idea of death on the horizon. So we often race ahead into all sorts of extreme activities, new ventures or volunteer work to prove we still have it. Filling every second, we are actually wasting time. You will not know what this new age can be for you until you make space to feel, reflect, look at your options, face your fears, and tap into the true self at the center of your still-creating psyche. Then the new world becomes a garden to grow your soul. Don't lose this growth opportunity in busyness, let it germinate inside. Waste time consciously so you can notice what is trying to emerge.

Taking time for yourself, you will paradoxically go through all sorts of changes. You will discover contradictory feelings and desires and flip-flop back and forth among various extremes. All this is normal and productive, a sorting out of who and where you are now. Don't rush any decisions. The evolution of your soul will take place naturally and unconsciously amidst all this roiling, so enjoy it and see where you in a year. If you want something to do, find ways to describe, chart or symbolized your journey through art, poetry, dream work, or journaling, because then you'll be witnessing your growth and leaving a trail showing just how far you have come.

Finally, be surprised. Place no expectations on this adventure. If you know where you're going, it will merely be a repetition of where you've already been. You have 25 more years, let your psyche reveal its fullness and the infinite possibilities of your own transformation. This can be the most fulfilling time in your life. Don't rush it. A seed germinates better if you're not always digging it up to see how it's doing. But one day, you'll see where it has all been going. Tell me what you find!
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