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Welcome to the New You

We are not growing old, we are growing better, wiser, more compassionate and more wonderful. We are not fading away, we are blossoming into the radiant souls we have always been. We are not giving up, we are giving into the flow of the unfolding universe. We are being born anew.

Whatever you were always wanted to do or be, whatever calls you, whatever your soul craves, follow that dream now. This is the time. You were meant for this moment. It doesn't have to be big or heroic, just true to your own nature and vision. Trust the gift that you are and share it every chance you get. We are the blossom of a long, well-lived life, the awakening of humanity, the new evolutionary stage. We are divine consciousness spreading everywhere. It's in you. It's in me. It's in every corner of the world.

A couple years ago, while my mother was disappearing into the cosmos of dementia, I wrote this song. It's about stepping into the flow, the music of your soul. It's called The Way. Here are some of its lyrics:

It's here we live and grow and die.
It's here the angels watch us cry.
It's now that we must all be whole.
Feel the music, listen with your soul.

The way is easier than you think.
It's coming closer now, don't look away, don't blink.
The power moves through everything you see.
Release yourself, come and dance with me.

So forget yourself and dance out on the floor.
Join the flow, it's timeless and ever more.
You are here to melt into my song.
Feel the love, you cannot do it wrong.

The song's chorus went like this:

You who are free,
Come and waltz with me.
Open wide your heart,
Trust you already know your part.
Feel into the way, come and stay.

Dance with me into the new world. It's the garden of aging. Be whatever you are, just be.
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