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The Divine Wisdom of Aging

I woke up in an interesting dream. I was back in school. I had signed up for an astronomy course but got distracted, separating from my classmates who went ahead. An older woman in the school office gave me directions and I arrived just people were sitting down. The teacher, a wise and dignified older woman, confident and well spoken, was asking people questions to stimulate conversation, and my classmates were all older people, mostly women but I saw one other older man. I chose a seat but before I could sit down, a short woman slipped into it. I grumbled under my breath and found another seat. I noticed then that there was a white sheet in front of me separating me from the rest of the class. I told the instructor and she said that was ok.

My immediate associations were as follows. An astronomy class - studying the vastness of God. Separated from my peers - temporarily getting distracted by family and social activities from my spiritual progress and rushing to catch up. A class of older people, most assembled "on the other side" - divine elders coming together to continue their learning and include elders from this side. The white sheet - the veil of brightness we pass through to reach the next world that is always so close and where our learning continues. Divine wisdom - intuitions I already have when I move into mystical consciousness. Female elders - the divine feminine in my own nature. A short woman taking my seat - the competitive feminine that can't wait to get started. Feeling excited to be learning such fascinating material with so many interesting people - aging as enlightening process.

This dream, an offering from the other side, speaks to me of the mystical dimension of aging - of the divine wisdom available in the aging experience itself as we draw closer to the other side. Dreams of aging people rarely view death as an ending, instead offering symbols of growth, transformation, celebration and new learning. From this perspective, we surely can be excited about growing old - think of all we have to learn!
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