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The Ego

Where does the ego fit in this continuing evolution of consciousness? Here's my answer. We don't want to dissolve or transcend the ego. The ego is that part of the personality capable of directing and focusing attention. When it disappears, we have to way to guide our transformation. After that, things just happen and life becomes chaotic.
I outlined four quadrants of the religious psyche in Finding Heaven Here and described it as a map of the spiritual journey into divinity. The map is called Heaven's Compass. The ego's role here is to keep us aware of where we are on this journey and where we are going. Quadrant Three, the World of Man, composed of thoughts, beliefs, goals and expectations, is like fly paper - a single thought can be so sticky that it takes you off the journey for hours, days, months or even years. When the ego-I, that part of me that understands and directs this process of conscious evolution, knows the roadmap, then we can stay on track and open ourselves to a progressive transformation of consciousness. It's about focus and discipline. In fact, Heaven's Compass itself can serve as an useful tool in determining where and how we are stuck and release us to resume our transition into divinity's conscious being.
With the lessoning of external demands in the aging process, moving into the divine consciousness and being becomes increasingly easy - staying, of course, remains a challenge and that's why the ego is so important. We need to make conscious choices all the time to remain in the Presence; the gifts of release, joy, love and freedom that rush in when to transcend identity, personality, time, and story, however, always reminds us of the truth of who we are and where we are going.
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