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What I Have Learned Along the Way

Looking back, I see that my lifelong project has always been my own transformation, beginning with psychology and ending in mysticism. Here are some of the things I have learned along the way.
• I am not what I think. Thinking creates dramas and illusions that draw me in like flypaper, where I get stuck until I stop thinking and wake up again. In awakened consciousness, there is no place to go, nothing to fix, and no one to be. In other words, when I stop thinking, heighten awareness, experience "what is" without thought, I repeatedly discover that nothing is what I thought, including "me."
• "I" don't exist. The idea of "me" creates all sorts of "problems" that need solving. If there is no concept of me, there is no one to defend, improve, or be. This is freedom.
• Pure consciousness, freed from thought, is God. When I experience that simple truth, I know who "I" am. When I bring consciousness and being together, that is, when I become intensely conscious of my own physical being without thought, without interpretation, I always find joy, love, and freedom.
• Conscious Being opens the floodgates of bliss and invites the divine marriage of Heaven an Earth, sacred and profane, male and female. So much love flows from this unity.
• Goals are symptoms of disconnection from conscious unity; they involve the belief that life is wrong and I have to do something about it to find happiness. More flypaper.
• Thought-free Consciousness mixed with pure Being brings the realization of Heaven on Earth. I am there now.
• When these realizations stir up more thought in me, I miss their transformational power and go down never-ending thought roads. When I dwell in the thought-free joy of Consciousness Being, I am already transformed.
• I work these realizations in the laboratory of aging, surrendering all I thought I was and wanted to be. This is my work of aging.
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