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The New Human and the Conventional Personality

Because extraordinary differences exists between the New Human and our conventional personality, I thought it might be use to contrast them.

My ordinary personality is…
• Organized around the ego "me" and the persona I cultivate to handle insecurity, fear, and uncertainty.
• Largely self-centered in its concerns
• Reactive in my emotionality and contracted in its core state
• Frequently lost in thought and goal-oriented in its desires and life plans
• Engaged with a limited circle of loving attachments
• Focused on a fixed range of conventional beliefs about the world
• Caught up in the consensual world of problems, issues, and conflicts
• Oblivious to the direct experiencer of Divinity and the Divine World

Moving into the realm of the New Human, I…
• Experience no "me" persona or related self-concern (in fact, I do not recognize myself in this state)
• Live in a deep interior joy free of thought, belief, hope, plans, schedules or expectations
• Notice no insecurity, fear and uncertainty
• Feel the divinity of my own Conscious Being and see the beauty and perfection of the Divine World
• Respond spontaneously to events and circumstances, radiating unconditional love and happiness found in the flow of Conscious Being
• Seek nothing, believe nothing, debate nothing
• Feel the power of love
• Continue flowering and evolving in ever deeper and divinely connected ways

These two ways of being define our present evolutionary dilemma, a razor's edge between the irrational reactivity of the past and the welcoming love of this new state of Conscious Being. I feel the pull and possibilities of the New Human as humanity's shared challenge and realize that enlightenment can become a practice within the timelessness moments of aging.
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