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When The Game Is Over

One day you will wake up and realize that it's all been a game and that game was stored in your personality with its architecture of ego, identity, beliefs and problems. One day you get that you can leave the game, walk off the game board, and be free, that it was the game itself that kept you from the experience of unity and joy.

This morning I woke up and understood (again) that my journey, described through seven books, has finally taken me off the board, has taken me to a place where "I" don't exist, where "I" am not owned by "my" story or "my" personality, where "I" am simply an opening into a vast and loving consciousness, where "I" am free. It is truly amazing. No more effort, struggle, contraction, performance, goals or explanations, no more game board.

And the related realization (again) is that I was always free, the problem was this story of "me." While the old patterns of personality seek to pull me back into the game, consciousness, the final square on the game board, cuts the tie to personality game. If "I" don't exist, then there is no game and no one to be, just the opening heart of conscious being.

The "again" of these realizations reflects the cycle of progressive enlightenment. You hold the frame of conscious clarity to see the final step, but falter and fall back into the hypnosis of everyday life when some "problem" arises, then wake up again, returning to the final square on the game board over and over, one day to step off and not return, whereupon the game board crumbles and you are what you were seeking.

This is the doorway to the New Human. It is open to each of us. Leave your personality at the door and join the dance.
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