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Breakthrough - A Spiritual Novel for the Second Half of Life

I haven't blogged a while because I've been busy working on a novel (an earlier version is serialized on the website). One editor calls it "a novel of ideas" because it explores so many facets of the mystical experience through conversations between the main characters, giving me an opportunity to engage the implications of awakening for individuals, for aging, and for society and the evolution of a new human. It has proven to be a very satisfying project. Plus, I continue to watch my consciousness expand in this process, giving the novel a real first-hand feel - the material comes directly from my own experience. It's been amazing!

Everything is changing, racing into the future, dissolving old structures and reinventing humanity. How will we understand this evolution of spirit? How will humans change? What will the divine human be like? Follow my journey in this fictionalized form and see what you think.
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