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Becoming the New Human, Becoming Divine

The blogs on this website have been moving inexorably toward the idea that evolution has shifted from the biological - the slowest, taking millions of years of mutations and natural selection, to the cultural - much faster, accelerating with each generation and its technological advances, allowing the human-computer interface to change the way we think and problem solve, and now to the mystical - the capacity to shift intentionally in seconds into altered states of consciousness liberating us from the limitations of belief and personality. The outcome of this progression is a new kind of human, biologically formed, computer/social-media assisted, and spiritually infused with divinity. How does that happen? What are the results? What are the implications?

The divine human is catalyzed in the merging of human consciousness and being. Consciousness here refers to consciousness without thought - pure awareness. Being refers to the felt energy of the body, sensory rather than emotional. This blending occurs when we learn to stop thinking, heighten awareness, and experience the world exactly as it is, including the body. It is a very sensory kind of awareness, one freed from thought, imagination, or emotionality. See how clearly you can become conscious of consciousness itself, and then use it to feel the pure energy of your being. Now amplify that experience of consciously felt being by sensing it in an intentional state of awe.

The consciousness-being alchemy is so powerful because consciousness and being, in their purest forms, are already divine. They do not belong to me - the ego's hubris, misbelief and mischief - they are divinity functioning. Everything is divine, that's what unity means. In the throes of fantasy, fear, and anger, we miss this direct awareness of our true nature and obscure divine reality with our beliefs, thoughts, feelings and dramas. When we focus thought-free consciousness on pure being, we tune directly into God. This experience acts on us, releasing feelings of mystical oneness - ecstasy, love, freedom, gratitude - feelings that give form to a new kind of human. We become more like God itself because we are God, made of God, filled with God, one with God, until we get swept up into another thought, fantasy, belief, or emotion.

So what are the implications of this new humanity? The first is that we have a vastly different experience of existence. Thought-free consciousness erases identity, time, story, beliefs, roles, rules and expectations. We live in the radical present. Then, bringing consciousness into being, we fill with divine feelings and sentiments. We feel one with the whole, nothing excluded. The implications of this transformation are astonishing but we have to experience them to become the new human.

The new aging represents a step into this natural though rarely used process of divinization. No longer as identified with work and family roles, we can begin to transform everything we do and are in divine consciousness, and in so doing, we peal back the culture's conventional illusions to reveal the divine world everywhere. This is not fantasy, it is a process we can learn to experience directly, and as we do, we change the world.
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