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The Next Step

The next step in the birth of the divine human is the genuinely felt realization, "I am God." This realization does not refer to the fictional self - my identity, my beliefs, my body, my problems, as if John Robinson were God. No, it refers to the direct experience of thought-free consciousness as everywhere, boundless and infinite, inside and outside, and to the realization that "I" am that. Now I know that God looks out my eyes, listens with my ears, touches with my hands, and is solid as my body. When I know that my conscious being is God, that the pronouns "I" and "my" function merely as cursors pointing to divine consciousness as my consciousness, then a new order of experience opens. This is not blasphemy, though many will call it so, it is the birth of the New Human. Now I discover that I am what I have been searching for all along. What bliss.

Sink into conscious being (the merging of consciousness and physical being) without thought and discover a new self. The mystics have been telling us this for centuries. I have amassed hundreds of quotes from across religions and eras, and the message is always the same. It is amazing to me that we don't see this for is the most obvious thing in the world.

Now this is also a learning experience. We didn't know how the sexual response worked until we felt it, experimented with it, grew our capacity to enliven and extend it. So it is with the God experience. The moral: Practice conscious being. Practice noticing that consciousness is God not "you," that being is God's being, not "yours." Then feel the expanding power of love, bliss and direct gnosis. Don't get stuck in doubt, for doubt begins the thinking process and thought will cleave this experience in two, and duality will return and you will convince yourself that this experience of your awakened God nature was just a foolish fantasy. Everyday we may have to make this shift into conscious being again, for everyday we slip back into the world of man and its endless beliefs. Everyday, find your way back to your true self and practice being the New Human.

You are on the threshold of self-divinization and once into that unity state, your consciousness will help divinize the world.
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