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Experienced Silence is the Laboratory of Divine Transformation

Silence has long been understood to be the entrance into divine consciousness. When we intentionally experience the fathomless mystery of consciousness behind thought, we discover that it is alive, aware, and transforming. Experiencing this divine consciousness invites it into our body, into our interior, where it bathes every cell with conscious being. This is the laboratory of transformation creating the New Human prophesized by the mystics and religions of the world. It is not a fantasy, it is an experience, and direct experience is the key to unlocking its potential. Each dwells in the center of the universe, for we live in an acentric universe where every being is centered in the one, growing to its potential, but we have to experience this unity to be changed.

We can experience this transformation in other ways, in music, dance, art, play, and love - times when our felt being is temporarily absorbed in and moved by divine consciousness. Then we discard it over and over when we race back into the cacophonous World of Man, losing touch and extinguishing the embers of transformation. We think we just had a good time. It is the direct and conscious experience of consciousness that activates the progressive evolution of soul, a transmutation of being resulting in a new human being. We discover divine consciousness, not as we imagine it to be but as it is. Sharpening of out inner sight takes us directly into this light. Then being is enough, for in conscious being we are one with divinity and all is well no matter what the all is. As more and more of us join this unity, a new world is seen and celebrated.
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