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Why I Write

After seven books and a novel, after following a trail of mystical footprints for twenty-five years, I have come to an understanding of aging that is unique, revolutionary and real. From direct experience I have learned that aging opens a passage from human to divine in this lifetime. Handled skillfully, it can take us from the problem-ridden World of Man into the divine world of Heaven on Earth. As a spiritual practice, conscious aging becomes a window, an opening, a lifting of the veil, an expanding crack in the wall between the two worlds. As countless mystics have told us, we don't have to die to go to Heaven, it's here NOW when we are awake enough to see it.
In conscious aging, divine consciousness flows directly into the human experience presenting us with the "I am God" realization when we know how to experience it. And the physical joy that bursts forth in this unity of divine consciousness and being is incredible. This joy is not selfish "bliss-ninny" foolishness, it's ecstatic and generous, for truly happy people are kinder, more loving, forgiving, flexible, and easy-going than those caught up in the dog-eat-dog world humanity has created. Enlightened Elders have so much love to give! We must demystify what this ordinary enlightenment means, for our everyday assumptions cannot yet grasp this ultimate transformation of self and consciousness.
This is the message I teach. I want to erase our negative assumptions about aging in order reveal the divine world right where we are. I am the experiment, the one who moves back and forth across the threshold to bring back accounts of the new world. I invite you to come with me.
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