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The Qualities of Being

Reflecting on the state of consciousness that expands when we quiet the "I" thought and all its fantasies, and how that openness feels, I quickly listed the follow qualities: It's a consciousness that's…
• Unhurried, unrushed, unscheduled, spontaneous and relaxed.
• Friendly, easy going, contented, patient, kind, trusting.
• Always full even when "nothing" is going on, because there is no "nothing."
• Fills with happiness, joy and bliss as our very essence, and loves sharing this naturally joyous being.
• Drawn to the Earth's natural beauty everywhere and wounded by scars to that beauty.
• Free of pretense, comparison, hidden motives, or walls.
• Aware of the omnipresent sacredness of life and naturally opens to the divine presence inside and out
• Open-hearted and loving especially to the "gentle passengers of life," like young children, animals, the sick and struggling.
• Exquisitely sensitive to and distressed by conflict, strife, hatred, war, which immediately and simply hurts.
• Centered in our original nature and energy, like we were as young children; childlike but not childish.
• Living in the radiant here and now rather than focused on thoughts and fantasies of the past or future; there is nothing between consciousness and the world as it is, for the world as it is is more than enough.
• Delights in simple friendship, joy, sharing, caring and cooperation.
• Rarely thinks about one's identity or status in the world of man.

As the new human, we are much like our young, undefended, and unwounded nature as young children, except with so much more knowledge and wisdom. We have evolved from children to overly complicated adults abd then back to our original nature magnified by the experience of conscious being. Can you find this natural self behind all that thinking?
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