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Catching Up

I've been MIA in recent weeks. Visits from the grandkids, a round of bronchitis, and lots of time spent on getting my new novel published have all distracted me, but I'm back in the saddle now. I am especially excited about this novel (which you can still find on this site) . It summarizes what I've come to understand about our spiritual evolution and all I've written in previous nonfiction works. It's fun, easy to digest, and I think truly profound. Most importantly, this novel is filled with my own first hand experiences with the sacred and my own continuing personal spiritual transformation. And especially if you're interested in the magic of aging as "enlightenment in slow motion," this book is for you. The endorsements have been wonderful and I can't wait to hear what thou think. I am also working on a new book about the Divine Human, which I believe is our collective destiny. I'll be sharing some of its insights in forthcoming blogs.
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