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The Nature of a Sage

In many ways, the sage can be a precursor to the divine human, for they have much in common. The qualities of a sage flow from the wisdom earned in a lifetime of personal growth mixed with the new and spacious consciousness that comes as the self-concept dissolves in aging. We grow into a sage because we have worked to understand self, other and life for decades, because we have surrendered the ego's quest for mastery and superiority, seeking to presence our lives form the present moment, and because we dwell increasingly in a wide-open consciousness unattached to thought, identity, belief and ambition. No longer dependent on books, theories or being right, we live instead from the deep and sacred consciousness found in the present moment. With nothing to prove and centered in the silent oneness of being, we are present in a way open to all but known by few - quiet, peaceful, humble and kind. Often in the background, sages may easily be overlooked for we do not stand out in a crowd nor do we seek to stand out. We respond to people and situations with patience, clarity and calm, knowing the futility of argument and the value of deep listening. Our effect on the world may never be seen but it is there nonetheless, for being one with the divine, we are one with all and affect all. Thus, if we truly wish to contribute as sages, we must give up the ambitions of the middle years, for our "work" now comes not come from ego-driven doing but from the oneness found in conscious being, that is, from our unity with the divine self.
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