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Transcending Even Good Intentions

Perhaps the most surprising realization in the exploration of consciousness is this: Any goal-oriented belief or activity constitutes an operation of the False Self no matter how elevated or altruistic it may feel or appear. Why? To have an intention or plan maintains the separate world of thought that creates the problem in the first place. It also cuts off the natural flow of divine love that we already are as Divine Humans, for conscious being is the embodiment of the divine Self. Intentionality, therefore, signals the head splitting off from the heart once again to fight windmills of its own creation. If "I" am not dissolved in the flow of love right now, then "I" am part of the problem. This is not to say that we don't help others but that we help from an awakened, thought-free consciousness in which even the self-other duality is transcended. Then all distinctions, stereotypes, goals and objectives vanish and we become one in love. Sacred activism is not something we plan from the head but something that we already are and we do it wherever we are.
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