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The Simplicity of Transformation

When we cease thinking and focus solely on consciousness, identity dissolves, boundaries disappear, and what's left is Divine Consciousness. There is only one consciousness though we separate ourselves from it with partitions of thought creating the illusion of separation or mortality. To be conscious of consciousness itself, therefore, is to experience God directly. But don't think about this. There is also only one Being that that is Divine Being, though we pretend to divide it up as well with ideas, beliefs and endless distinctions. Silence and stillness heal these splits. They are the way of the mystic and the path of transformation. Finally, bring pure consciousness into pure being and boundless love is released - we are that. The simplicity of this experience is breathtaking. Don't complicate it with thought or belief; just experience it and become what you already are: divine. Conscious aging takes us across this threshold. Come across.
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