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Love and Death

I've become ever more fascinated with death, not in a morbid way, but as the ultimate expression of a pattern we live over and over - of ego, change, loss, surrender, release and rebirth. Joining Conscious Aging, Conscious Dying, a working group in Conscious Elders Network, has inspired me dig ever deeper into this mystery, for I know intuitively (and from my work in the mystical consciousness of The Divine Human) that we return to and dissolve into the divine ground of being - God, but also that we emerge from this light again in new realms to come. That we also do this in aging thrills me because it offers us a "training wheels" experience of the great doorway, because we can process so much in preparation to maximize our transformational experience of dying - now and then, and because we can bring so much divinity to the world in dissolving the ego - the idea of me - now into the omnipresent all pervading divine consciousness. And the outcome is invariably love - it's all about love. It is love that heals the world and enlightened elders are some of the most powerful purveyors of this infinite, endless, sustainable, and conscious power.
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