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It All Begins in a Consciousness Without Thought

Whatever questions or concerns have been bothering, troubling or upsetting me disappear in consciousness without thought. Everything changes. The questions go away, the worries vanish, and a totally different world appears. Leaving the world of mind for the sensory world of pure awareness dissolves the self idea and its related goals, fears, purposes, and beliefs. Then happiness happens. And freedom. And relief, joy and love. We return to our original state. No more questions, goals or artificial destinations. Then even "I" disappear and only consciousness remains, and suddenly this other consciousness sees through "my" eyes, hears through "my" ears, transforms "my" body. And I am my original nature, the divine being that existed before identity, time and story created another. I am that. Lastly, in this awakened perception, the Earth, too, grows pregnant with divinity and all becomes the one sacred Being, its Presence all radiant and pervading all people and things. And this is home.
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