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The Key to Becoming a Divine Human

How do we become Divine Humans and live in a divine world? The answer is so simple: learn to dwell in a consciousness without thought. In this heightened state of pure awareness, the self-idea simply disappears. Identities go away, stories and problems disappear, and the world grows ever more luminous, beautiful and holy.

Ironically, it is our plans or goals - even the great and lofty ones - that separate us from God. Our endless thinking manufactures an alternate and highly addictive world of identities, problems, reasons and beliefs. In consciousness without thought, all that goes away and we live instead as a Divine Human in a radiant and sacred Eden.

From this cleansed consciousness, we also become Sacred Activists. How? Merging consciousness and being, we merge with the divine fabric of the universe - the conscious energy that pervades everything, lives everything, constitutes everything. All being vibrates with this consciousness, like resonating harp strings or a spider's web touched by a leaf, so that our awakened actions affect the whole. We learn to spread our message/energy/spirit through the whole field.

This love is the unique job of the mystic, enlightened elder, and Divine Human. Like the iconic Christ figure atop Sugarloaf in Rio, we are meant to illuminate the world with love-drenched consciousness. The more we love, the more the divine field glows with love.

Does this work? Absolutely, we just can't micromanage it. We can't know in advance which popcorn kernels will pop in the divine oven. And keep in mind that many people are doing this. It's not our job alone. The Divine human is simply the conduit. Stand in love, spread the love, and all will change.

So wake up to the light within. Stop thinking and wake up to the consciousness that is not your own and yet is you. You are not who you think you are! The consciousness you have within is the consciousness of God. In learning to live in consciousness without thought, we open that consciousness and bring change to a world long suffering from our neglect.

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