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Becoming Divine Again

For all of you who hear the voices of The Divine Human, who sense the call Rumi, Hafez, Kabir and Walt Whitman to find your own transcendent voice, the one already flowing through you with cosmic wisdom, this is your time. The voice of the universe pours through each of us, opening our lives to wonder, love, joy and wisdom. It's all within each one of us if we stop our compulsive thinking and open instead to this other ecstatic supernal stream of consciousness that we are. Consciousness merges with being, the mind becomes quiet, the self disappears, and we expand to include all: we are the waves crashing against the shore, the high-flying eagle, the suffering child, the poverty of power, the duckling waddling after her mother, the wind bringing scents from other lands, and the consciousness that holds the whole magnificent pantheistic divine being. We become the great Earth radiating waves of love. Here everything is part of the whole and everything belongs. Divine reality is already here, we need only experience it for ourselves. Be that which is and become the divine in consciousness and being. You are that. Then you know your part in the great dance. We have been divine since birth, now remember what that asks of you.
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