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Bringing Home the Ancestors: A Prophetic Dream

I want to share with you one of the biggest prophetic dreams I've ever had, and I've had many. I believe this dream asks us to transform our work here on Earth.

I had just finished a Webinar on The Three Secrets of Aging for Sage-ing International that went very well. Early the next morning, I had this dream: I'm in our former home in Sacramento. I turn around and there's my dad. As real as you and me are right here. Dressed as he always was - slacks, flannel shirt, sport coat. I am astonished. He starts hugging and kissing me. I hug him back and kiss him and I keep asking, "What are your doing here? Where have you been?" He says he heard about what I had done and, by implication, seems to be saying that he’s here to show me how proud he was and soon he was gone. But that's not the end or the most powerful part of the dream.

I sensed there was more to my father's visit. As a psychologist, I know that you often unpack a dream over time as its images continue to release their meanings. A couple days later, I re-entered the dream through Jungian active imagination skills - skills that allow the dream to continue on. I ask my father why he was so incredibly and effusively happy with me. Again it seemed like he was happier than my success alone would warrant. He said, "I came to you because I love you so much and because of what you did. Your understanding of Heaven on Earth now spreading through the world makes it possible for us to come back; we are coming home. I want to come back to Earth and see all the people and places I love. We all do. With that webinar, you said the unsayable. Your understanding of Heaven on Earth lifts the veil between our two worlds. Can you see how happy I am? All of us over here are. We're coming home and you'll be able to come here. It will finally be one place. And, he added, we want to help the world.”

I was stunned. My dad's effusiveness was more than just being proud; it was the joy of homecoming. And then I realized that this dream also has huge implications for Sacred Activism. All of us want to make our home planet sacred, to dissolve the split between spirit and matter, sacred and profane, God and human. And our ancestors support this goal! They want to come home...with all their skills, realizations and love. They want to help us initiate the next stage of our common spiritual unfolding of "A New Heaven and New Earth." My father’s message echoes the mystics' ancient prophecy that Heaven and Earth will one day be rejoined, for the Earth is the material manifestation of Heaven when we are awake enough to see. Together we can silence the thought-world that hijacked our perception so long ago and begin to part the veil.
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