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Four Questions

Are You Ready to Awaken Your Divinity? Four Questions
The Divine Human presents the essential elements of the Mystical Experience but you have to work on experiencing them. You have to experience these ideas directly for them to become real for you. You can't just believe these ideas. How many books have you read on religion and spirituality that actually changed your life? So this will be a laboratory of mystical experience. So I have four questions for you…
1. Are you willing to temporarily suspend your core reality and religious beliefs in order to experience the divine? You have to choose between belief and conscious experience.
2. Are you willing to release who you think you are and where you think you are in order to experience yourself as a Divine Human in a Divine World? As long as you defend conventional and consensual reality beliefs, you won't get there.
3. What if you begin to experience God's consciousness looking out your eyes, hearing with your ears, moving through your body, speaking with your voice, would you be ok with that? Does that possibility trouble or excite you?
4. And the ultimate question is this: Are you ready to experience your consciousness as God's consciousness and your being as God's being, because that's where we're going?
On a five point scale, where 1 = "Yea!" and 5 = "No Way!" how ready are to you move from your beliefs to first hand mystical experience? Try to address your doubts, fears and reservations, because they will completely undermine our experience. What are you worried about? What do you fear might happen? Don't be afraid to explore whatever comes to mind. It's just more thinking and thinking will not take you there.
If you have answered "1" or "2," you're ready to take the journey into Mystical Consciousness. I'd love to know what you discover?
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