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The Nine Principles of Divine Manifestation

All my psychological, spiritual and mystical work over the past two decades has joyfully lead me to reclaim and proclaim pantheism - the idea and realization that everything is already sacred. We and the world are the literal incarnation of the divine. We fail to experience this truth because we have trapped ourselves in a self-perpetuating bubble of thought-driven perception. We label and explain everything and then see only what we think. But the mystics have always argued otherwise. From them I have come to understand The Nine Principles of Divine Manifestation. Deeply understanding and applying these truths steadily transforms us into Divine Humans. The Nine Principles are…

1. You Are Not Who You Think You Are
2. All Consciousness is God's Consciousness
3. All Being is God's Being
4. Conscious Being is Unity with God.
5. The Divine Self Lives in the Depths of Conscious Being
6. Conscious Being is The Divine Human
7. The Experience of Conscious being and Divine Self Leads to Sacred Action
8. Divine Consciousness Reveals Heaven on Earth
9. Aging Inspire the Next Step in Our Spiritual Evolution

The Divine Human explains all this. It's a simple read. Take the time to learn and apply its revelations. We are talking about a new kind of human and the very purpose of life.
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